MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 01/01/2011


Z/OS 1.1

  1. PTF UA55442 or Hyper APAR OA33407 - This is a sapi performance issue.

z/OS 1.9 (r740)

  1.  PTF UK25771 APAR PK42556
  2.  PTF UK27525 APAR PK46030

z/OS 1.8 (r730) 

  1. PTF UK46253 APAR PK84073
  2. PTF UK27524 APAR PK46030

z/OS 1.7 (r720)  (and below)

  1. The following comments includes Z/os 1.7 and below.

    There is a problem with HFS making this release of JRB incompatible with these releases if archival is used.  IBM fixes are not available because these releases of z/os are out of service.

    These APAR's deal with an IBM problem during 'chasing' the entries in an HFS/ZFS directory. This problem only exists with large (>512 entries) structures so it is possible to have JRB archival at this level of z/OS if the size of the archival is kept below the maximum of 512 entries.
  2. PTF UK27523 APAR PK46030