MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Mainframe hardware and software has always been known for reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS). In order for mainframe data to be reliable, available and serviceable, it must be secure.  

Whether by providing low-cost CICS security alternatives to expensive external security packages such as ACF2, RACF or Top Secret, or by filling in CICS security gaps left open by those products, MacKinney security products provide control, oversight and monitoring with a minimum of administration. Get the CICS security you require without the cost of retraining (or increasing) staff or paying for unused functionality. MacKinney has solutions to provide native CICS security withdrawn by IBM, close the physical security exposure of signed-on CICS terminals being left unattended, control what CICS applications are accessible by which users, and provide the ability to view, monitor and record the actions performed by users on CICS terminals.

Data residing in files on your mainframe may be fully secured by external security managers or MacKinney CICS security software and thus protected from unauthorized access. However, what happens when the files are backed up to tape or other portable storage and transported offsite? We have all heard the stories of tapes falling off trucks transporting them to offsite locations. If your backup files are not encrypted, you are compromising the security of your data and leaving the door open to unauthorized data access and subsequent legal issues. MacKinney offers a file encryption/decryption solution while archiving your files to backup tape or disk. This allows the data to be securely transported to offsite locations or interchanged with other companies.