MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Automatically run CICS programs above the line

Are you getting too many Short-on-storage (SOS) warnings?
Are you tired of wasting valuable CPU cycles on program compressions?
There is an answer to your SOS.

RMode31 can help, giving you back valuable DSA and GETVIS storage.

How? RMode31 allows you to run most of your 24-bit macro and command level Assembler, VS/COBOL and PL/1 programs plus your BMS maps above the line. Plus, a Getmain option that places getmained storage above the line is available for applications that tie up a large volume of getmained storage. RMode31 does NOT require you to relink or reassemble any of your object!

Environmental considerations:
For z/OS environments, RMode31 runs in CICS 2.1 and above.
For VSE, RMode31 runs in CICS 2.3 and above.