MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Migrate to current releases of CICS Transaction Server and continue running OS/VS COBOL and macro-level CICS programs with software from MacKinney Systems

Reduce migration time
Instead of waiting for macro-level and OS/VS COBOL programs to be rewritten to current standards, install Macro-Level Interpreter and/or VS/Cobol Interpreter and continue running these programs on versions of CICS Transaction Server supported by IBM. No program changes are required, no re-compiling and no need to reallocate valuable programmer resources away from current projects.

Reduce system administration and overhead
z/OS users no longer need to continue running and supporting CICS TS version 2 (or older) systems just to run OS/VS COBOL programs. CICS TS V2.3, the last version of CICS TS to support OS/VS COBOL, went out of service September 30, 2009. VS/Cobol Interpreter provides support for OS/VS COBOL programs on currently supported versions of CICS TS, including CICS TS V4.2 and V5.1.

Save Money
If you are currently licensed for a product that allows you to run macro-level programs on CICS Transaction Server, you can save thousands of dollars by converting to Macro-Level Interpreter (MLI). You get the same function for a fraction of the cost of competing products like Comet.