MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Track response times

  • Monitor all terminal response times and isolate those transactions which need attention.
  • Virtually no overhead. CICS/Response Time Monitor uses its own data collection technique. CICS RTM does not use the CICS monitoring facility.
  • Great as a stand-alone or as a complement to your existing CICS monitor.
  • Online displays of terminal transactions showing time-of-day, response time, terminal ID, transaction ID, and operator ID.
  • Online displays of average response time graphically displayed for user specified intervals.
  • Online displays of terminal transactions that have exceeded user specified thresholds.
  • Online or console notification when user specified exception events are detected.
  • Automatically LOGS all CICS terminal transactions.
  • Menu and PF key driven with HELP screens throughout CICS/Response Time Monitor.


Comprehensive batch reports

  • Detail Report listing individual response times by terminal, transaction, operator, start time and day, and end time and day. Response Time Monitor sorts the reports by terminal, transaction, operator, or response time.
  • Summary Report listing the average response time and number of transactions for each terminal and/or transaction and/or operator ID. Can be specified to sort in any order with multi-level control breaks.
  • TOP 5O Report listing the TOP 50 terminals, TRANs or OPIDs with the highest average response time.
  • TOP 50 Report listing the TOP 50 terminals, transactions, or operators with the highest number of transactions.
  • Average Response Time graphically listing the average response time for your CICS for each hour, for each day, or for each month.