MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Compare old and new versions

Source Program Compare compares two versions of a program, JCL, CL, or any source file, and prints a listing showing all the differences (adds, deletes, and modifications). It handles adds, deletes, and modifications and does not get confused by sequence numbers, blank cards, SKIP cards, or EJECT cards. It has options to compare on columns:

  • 7-72 (COBOL, DDS),
  • 6-74 (RPG),
  • 1-72 (Assembler, PL1),
  • 1-80 (JCL, data),
  • 1-133 or 1-150 (Listings)

Input to Source Program Compare is two disk files containing the source programs to be compared. These files can be created with a utility program such as DTSUTIL or LIBR. z/OS users can compare two PDS members.

You can print:

  • changes only
  • changes in context (10 lines that precede the change and the 10 lines following the change)
  • the entire program with all changes highlighted.

Source Program Compare is a useful tool for programmers, data processing auditors, and managers.