MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Screen print utility

If you need more control and flexibility that you are getting with the IBM screen-print, you need look no further than MacKinney Systems CICS/Hotprint.

CICS/Hotprint replaces and extends the functions of the standard IBM screen-print facility as follows:

  • Allows the target printer to be any CICS defined VTAM printer - removing the restriction that the printer must reside on the same controller as the requesting terminal
  • Allows online update for the target printer per user using easy online administration panels
  • Allows dynamic prompting for the target printer for screen prints of pseudo-conversational task
  • Allows target printer to be determined by USERID or NETNAME making for easy support of AUTOINSTALL and session manager virtual terminals
  • Maintains original 'screen look' by not suppressing blank lines
  • Adds a header to screen prints (optional per user) to assist in print distribution
  • Allows control of beginning and ending form feed per printer
  • Provides an assist popup for identifying target printers to users requesting screen prints
  • Interfaces with MacKinney Systems' eSendIT to allow screen prints to be e-mailed or faxed
  • Interfaces with MacKinney Systems' CICS/Spooler to allow screen prints to be queued in CICS/Spooler for online display and optional printing on CICS or system printers
  • Supports 3270 printers with TERMTYP of 3270P, LUTYPE3, and SCSPRTS

Hotprint can be invoked

  • by pressing a system-defined print PA or PF key
  • via a Link from a user-written COBOL or ASSEMBLER application program