MacKinney Systems, Inc.

OSXREFS consists of 4 utility programs

OSXDSN, OSXLINKS, OSXSCAN and OSXPROC provide the following functions:

  • Cross-reference datasets and PROCEDURES in a specified JCLLIB/PROCLIB
  • Cross-reference Programs and PROCEDURES that execute them
  • Cross-references strings found in PDS members
  • Cross-reference JCL Procedures and executed Programs

OSXDSN - Scans a JCLLIB/PROCLIB and builds a cross reference showing all PROCS which contain a DD statement for each dataset name. Parm options allow you to limit the report to disk files, tape files, or files with DISP=NEW.

OSXLINKS - Lists all the programs in your link libraries (up to six libraries) and lists all the procs that execute each program. This is handy when a program change requires the JCL to be modified each place the program is executed.

OSXSCAN - Scans a PDS and identifies members which contain specific character strings. You may search for up to 15 character strings in one run.

OSXPROC - Lists all PROCS and the programs they execute using any PROCLIB as input.

ISPF panel support allows easy access to each of the utilities and the optional parameters or use standard JCL. Source code is included for all four programs for customized tailoring beyond that already provided.