MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Scan PDS, Sequential, ICCF, or VSE libraries

Scan files searching for character strings and optionally replace them with new character strings. Global Search and Replace (GSR) supports wildcards and prints an audit trail.

VSE Features

  • Useful for converting programs or JCL, for all references to a file, data field, or called subprogram, etc.
  • Scan ICCF and VSE libraries
  • List all members containing a character string
  • Optionally replace with a new character string
  • Audit trail shows each changed line before and after character string replacement
  • Wildcard support
  • Old and new character strings may be different lengths - remaining data is shifted (if any data is truncated, an error message is produced)
  • May process multiple libraries in one pass
  • May include or exclude certain members via table card
  • Process up to 99 sets of character strings in one pass
  • Reload members using DTSUTIL or LIBR.  Optionally check report before making changes
  • Optionally print entire member or selected statements (DLBLs, TLBLs) for documenting JCL libraries


MVS Features

  • Useful when mass changes to a set of files or members are needed. No need to individually edit and make repetitive changes.
  • Input can be from a PDS or Sequential file
  • Optionally creates a IEBUPDTE-format file so that all members can be edited together for specialized changes such as column alignment across multiple members 
  • Search and replace up to 99 character strings in one pass
  • ISPF panel support included
  • Search option can be used without replacing data
  • Reports can list only finds/changes or members containing a string (other report options available as well)
  • PDS members can be optionally included or excluded (wildcards are allowed)
  • Wildcards can also be used in the search string