MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Allow up to 8 transactions at the same terminal

SM/SWAP is a separately licensed component of Session Manager for CICS allowing a single CICS terminal to function as up to eight logical terminals with each one running the same or a different transaction.  Groups determine the maximum sessions, rotate keys, and optional transactions to launch for each of the sessions. Navigation between the sessions is done by pressing the group's designated forward and backward PF/PA keys. Another optional PF/PA key can be assigned to launch the Selection Screen, where you directly select a session, hide or unhide sessions or save your sessions for later use at the same or a different terminal. Users can optionally override the default rotate PF/PA keys and Session Tranid values at startup.

The other Session Manager for CICS component is SM/MENU. SM/MENU provides a consistent, easy-to-use user interface with a menu selection of your application items. End-users select from easily recognized Application Descriptions on their menu as opposed to remembering more cryptic transaction names to type on a blank screen. Group profiles shared with SM/SWAP determine the Primary Menu so the user sees only relevant applications. You can nest Menus and update an optional user exit to further customize the display. INPUTMSG data can be passed to applications. SM/MENU can also prevent end-users from seeing a blank screen via the provided AUTO RETURN exit. The AUTO RETURN exit determines the presence of a blank screen condition and displays the proper menu if detected. SM/MENU works with MacKinney Systems' CICS/SignOn or an External Security Manager (such as RACF, Top Secret, or ACF2) to prevent unauthorized transactions from appearing on users' menus.

Both SM/SWAP and SM/MENU are compatible with MacKinney Systems CICS/TimeoutCICS/Timeout controls timing out inactive terminals (based on a configurable amount of time). You can lock, log off or sign off an inactive terminal. CICS/Timeout also provides automated application TSQ cleanup from closing sessions.  


SM/SWAP screen