MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Session Manager/Swap Benefits and Features

  • Provides up to eight logical terminal sessions per physical terminal
  • Saves your place when you are interrupted to complete a different task
  • Automatically handles temp storage QUEUE and QNAME values containing the physical Termid to prevent conflicts
  • Dedicated PF/PA keys for forward and backward rotation between logical sessions
  • Session selection Screen allows direct selection of a session, plus hiding, un-hiding, and resetting sessions
  • Optional dedicated PF/PA key for Session Selection Screen
  • Specified Tranids can automatically be launched when a session is opened
  • Group definitions control max session limit plus PF/PA and session Tranid values
  • Generic Group masks for Userids, Netnames and Termids can associate users with a group
  • Group User exit can associate ESM group to SM/SWAP group
  • TRAP Mode can minimize dedicated PF/PA requirements
  • COPY/PASTE feature allows copying and pasting fields from one session to another
  • TRNEXCP profiles allow overriding PF/PA settings per Tranid and provide other unique exclusions
  • SM/SHOW function gives help desk personnel the ability to view target user's screen
  • Most administrative tasks can be duplicated from batch
  • Shared profiles with SM/MENU
  • SM/Swap runs on CICS releases z/OS TS 2.1 or higher and VSE TS 1.1.1 or higher