MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Display CICS system logs online

In the CICS message log are messages from CICS (signons and signoffs, security violations, statistics, terminal errors, transaction abends, PLI abend messages, etc.), messages from DL/1, CICS application programs and program products.

  • Browse CSMT, CSCS, CADL, etc. logs on any CICS terminal. Browse logs individually or combined.
  • No need to wade thru pages of terminal errors looking for security violations.
  • Browse selections can be made by CICS applid.
  • Logs can be browsed separately or combined in date and time sequence.

Browse CICS logs on your CICS terminal with CICS/Log View

  • Full function browsing enables up, down, top, bottom, left and right scrolling.
  • Searches can be done by date and time.
  • FIND function allows finding any character string within a log.
  • Log entries are in date and time sequence.
  • HELP screens are available for every screen and function.
  • See messages from your programs, about security violations and about storage violations.

Automate operations; notifications can be triggered by specific error messages

  • Have log entries meeting specific conditions written to a CICS printer.
  • Have log entries meeting specific conditions displayed upon the system console.
  • Get immediate notification on your CICS terminal when a specific condition occurs.
  • MacKinney Systems CICS/Message must be installed.

Exclude unwanted entries from being logged

  • Specify criteria to keep unwanted entries from being logged.
  • Multiple sets of criteria can be set up with CICS/Log View.
  • Specify criteria as exceptions to ignore the automatic notification criteria.
  • Excluded messages can be viewed with the SHOW command.

Print complete logs or selective portions of logs on the system printer

  • A batch facility (included) allows printing log entries on the system printer.
  • Specify parameters to selectively print log entries or print all entries.
  • Prints can be limited to specified applids, queues, dates, or time of day.
  • CICS/Log View has the ability to search for character strings and print is included.
  • Start transactions specified in a log entry.
  • Write a log entry record image to a specified queue.

Archive and/or purge old entries

  • Specify the number of days to be kept and all other entries are dropped.