MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Recovery system for CICS files

When a VSAM file is corrupted or lost you need to recover it quickly and correctly. CICS' journal facility provides the data, but it is each installation's responsibility to have computer disaster recovery plans with recovery programs for each VSAM file updated by CICS. Most installations do not do this themselves. MacKinney Systems' CICS/Forward Recovery fills this void.

CICS/Forward Recovery

  • Eliminates the programming required for CICS VSAM KSDS, RRDS and ESDS data recovery
  • Selects CICS journal records based on a variety of parameters (date, time, terminal, transaction, file)
  • Selectively updates your backup files to get your users back on-line quickly
  • Can recover multiple files whose activity is on the same journal logstream in a single run
  • Has a scan function which shows you the journal activity and/or record counts which apply to each file, eliminating the guesswork about the contents of a journal
  • Has a journal print program that produces an audit log of all or selected journal records.  In addition to printing the selection fields and record key like the recovery program can, the print program can also print the entire journal record if desired
  • Works with all recent and current releases of z/OS, VSE and CICS, including Transaction Server
  • Supports recovery of CICS VSAM files that use Backup-While-Open (BWO) and/or extended format (greater than 4 GB in size)

Dynamic Transaction Backout does not keep your files from being corrupted by program error, software problems, disk drive failure, power supply problems, or natural disaster. It only helps if a transaction abends. To ensure that the work done through CICS VSAM is not lost, you need CICS/Forward Recovery.