MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Send company or departmental news

CICS/Morning News allows you to broadcast news to all or selected CICS users when they logon to the region or after they sign on to CICS. News is also available throughout the day by entering a CICS transaction.

  • News can be generated for broadcast to all CICS users, to selected groups or to individuals on one or more CICS regions.
  • News can be directed to CICS users by operator id, terminal id, netname or user id. Only those authorized can generate news.
  • The entered starting date, ending date and time determine when the news item is in effect.  It can be displayed the first time or every time a user logs on.
  • The most current news is always displayed first, but the user is then free to browse forward or backward chronologically through unexpired news he is authorized to read.
  • A reader can go directly to news for a specified date, or to the oldest or newest (most current) news.
  • A program or transaction of your choosing can be started after the news is read.
  • CICS/Morning News help screens are available throughout the system whether creating, changing or just reading news.
  • A batch program is included to delete news based on age, or print selected news.
  • User group lists can be shared between MacKinney Systems CICS/Message and CICS/Morning News. CICS/Message messages can be automatically sent to Morning News.