MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Mainframe software with low overhead/reasonable prices
We keep our overhead as low as possible so that we can keep our mainframe software prices in a range where the smallest mainframe shops can afford them.

Repeat business
Our 'average' customer has licensed more than 5 separate MacKinney products. We have a loyal customer base and continue to get repeat orders and referrals from our customers. We feel that satisfied customers are our best advertising.

Quite simply, we treat our customers as we would like to be treated
This approach is the same whether we're dealing with your systems staff, your finance department or senior management and is backed up by things like...

Our pricing philosophy
For years, MacKinney Systems mainframe software has been priced well below those of our competitors. Our pricing philosophy is simple. The lower our costs are, the lower your costs can be. We have always tried to keep our overhead low and pass that savings on to you. We don't have commissioned sales people, we don't do trade shows, etc. When you call to talk to someone about a product, instead of talking to a salesperson, you get to talk to the developer or the person who is in charge of enhancing and supporting that product. You don't have to talk to a salesperson who will say anything to sell you the software. You don't have to talk to a person who has never worked as a system programmer in a production environment.

Our business philosophy
You get to talk to a person who knows the code. Someone who knows what the software will REALLY do in a production environment. Someone who, like yourself, has been there late, on weekends, on the phone with vendors and the IBM support center. So, why the price difference? To be fair, differences in pricing can sometimes be attributed to differences in function. If such functions are meaningful to your site, the extra expense is obviously justified. If it is not, read on. Sometimes, a difference in function between a higher priced product and MacKinney Systems' software might be meaningless to your site. In some cases, there is little difference in function between $5,000 and $500,000 software.

Where we are going from here
Our intent is to continue to meet the needs of mainframe software customers. Platforms may change, but the needs and goals of the enterprise information systems remain essentially the same. We know your business is changing. Likewise, the platforms you use to support your customers are changing. We have no intention of abandoning you. We fully intend to continue to fill your mainframe software needs we've filled since 1980. Enterprise computing needs are our business. These needs won't disappear with the advent of new technologies.