MacKinney Systems, Inc.
Create intelligent forms and eliminate the cost of using preprinted forms!

MainFormIT is designed to eliminate the costs of using preprinted forms by producing either PCL or PDF output. The PDF feature is available for z/OS installations only. It does not require IBM's PSF or AFP software product. MainFormIT is a client server system that easily utilizes forms overlays created by Windows applications like PowerPoint, and merges them with data created by applications running on the z/OS or z/VSE environment.

MainFormIT PCL output streams are supported on any laser printer that supports Hewlett Packard's PCL5 language.

MainFormIT PDF output streams are intended for viewing using the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Reduces number of pages for Plain Text output
MainFormIT is also used to reduce the number of pages required for plain text programmer type output by putting more than one page of output onto the same physical page. Form definitions are provided to print up to eight pages of output on the same physical page.

Easily control page Layout for Plain Text output
MainFormIT has a number of predefined forms for plain text output. This simplifies using different orientations and paper types. The forms database comes pre-loaded with definitions to handle Portrait or Landscape mode output on holed or non-holed paper using record lengths of 80, 120, and 132 characters.

MainFormIT is controlled by a Graphic User Client to create intelligent forms
The client interface to the MainFormIT system is a GUI that runs on a Windows workstation. The client allows customization of the printout by standard Windows controls such as drop down lists and check boxes. The client stores all specifications for the appearance of the output on the server. When output is generated to the printer, the client takes absolutely no part in the process. Instead, the MainFormIT server uses the client provided specifications to reformat the output and combine it with form overlays before sending it to the printer. The server supports connections from multiple clients running the GUI. Only run the client GUI when defining new forms or making changes to old ones.

What is MainFormIT?
Replaces the paper forms your company uses in the everyday activities of business.

How do I use MainFormIT?
Used like paper forms, except you create intelligent forms on your computer, merge them with data created by applications running on the z/OS or z/VSE environment. PCL output is printed to laser printers supporting PCL5 language. PDF output is viewed using the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

What software do I need with MainFormIT?
Forms are designed by you using commonly used software applications.

MainFormIT does not deliver the output to an endpoint. It is intended for use with JES Queue for Printers (JQP) and JES Report Broker (JRB).

MainFormIT cost savings

  • Less expensive than preprinted paper forms
  • Uses your present Office Software
  • Saves time updating old forms or ordering new forms
  • No waste of outdated paper forms
  • Saves time completing forms
  • Saves space needed to store paper form