MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Automatically send information directly from CICS

Want to access or store host data somewhere other than at the host?

eSendIT automatically sends CICS and batch data to almost any destination: fax machines (via a CICS/Fax or HostGate fax server), email address, FTP server or networked drive. Data can be sent directly to users or sent to other platforms for archival.

A primary advantage of using eSendIT to send data is verification of delivery. A simple-to-use CICS transaction can be used to determine which (if any) messages/reports weren't delivered correctly. The same interface can be used to re-send any failed report to the same or a different destination.

eSendIT provides automatic, unattended distribution of CICS and batch reports. Messages and reports can be sent via Email directly from CICS or can be sent through an attached CICS/Fax PC Server to be delivered in a variety of formats via fax, Email, FTP uploads, or copied directly to a network folder. Report archival is possible via the direct copy or FTP methods.

 Data Sources for eSendIT include:

  • Application programs for data such as calendar requests, Email, or other sources
  • CICS reports currently sent to CICS printers
  • CICS application screens as they are displayed
  • JES or POWER batch reports.


Destinations accessible to eSendIT users include:

  • Email addresses
  • Lotus Notes or Outlook calendar
  • Fax machines
  • FTP servers*
  • A networked folder* (accessible to the CICS/Fax server)

    (*-with CICS/Fax or HostFax fax servers)


 Data formats include:

  • Searchable PDF files
  • TXT files
  • RFT files
  • Fine or Standard resolution faxes*
  • TIFF format graphic files*
  • Many other programmable formats, including HTML and ICS (Calendar requests)