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MacKinney Systems is the leader in low-cost, high-quality mainframe software.

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Since 1980 MacKinney has provided budget relief for mainframe users, offering a wide range of CICS, z/OS and VSE tools for best price and performance combined with top-quality support.

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    • Print from VTAM or CICS/TS applications
    • Manage printed output throughout the organization
    • Automatically deliver reports using FTP/Email/Web
    • Archive and restore documents
    • Open/close CICS files from batch jobs
    • Manage multiple interactive sessions for each user
    • Simplify creation and updating of CICS help screens
    • Easily create and test CICS maps
    • Share CICS screens
    • Recover corrupted CICS files
    • Analyze CICS dumps to quickly pinpoint causes of program abends
    • Interactively debug CICS and batch programs
    • Reorganize VSAM files
    • Edit and browse VSAM files
    • Improve TSO/ISPF productivity
    • Secure CICS users and transactions

Quality Software

Fifty products offering a variety of mainframe solutions compatible with all IBM supported releases of z/OS, VSE, and CICS.

Affordable Prices

The lower our costs are, the lower your costs can be. We pass the savings on to you. No overhead, no debt, no high-paid sales staff.

Stellar Support

Call us and quickly be transferred to a knowledgeable person who knows the code. 24/7, 365 days a year.

Company Longevity

Even though the market is rapidly changing, we will continue to fill your mainframe software needs as we have since 1980.