MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Coupled with MacKinney Print TransformJES Report Broker can transform AFP documents into the following formats:

PDF (Adobe Acrobat)
PCL (Printer Command Language)

The resulting documents will accurately represent all AFP resources including FORMDEF, PAGEDEF, FONTS, OVERLAYS, etc.

The original documents can be one of the following:

  1. AFP - Otherwise known as COMPOSED, MO:DCA or 'fully composed AFP'. This is a combination of the variable print 'text' and (typically) all the AFP resources needed to render the document. This includes (but is not limited to): FORMDEF, PAGEDEF, OVERLAYS and FONTS. Fully composed AFP can be created a variety of ways, including:  
          Composed by a product like ACIF (part of IBM's PSF)
          Output from a product like DCF
          Other sources
  2. AFP Line Data - This is traditional 'MVS' print lines using ASA or machine carriage control. It will be combined with AFP resources by MPT to produce the desired document. You specify the FORMDEF, PAGEDEF, OVERLAYS or other resources to be used and JRB 'composes' the document as it is transforming it. A separate product to perform the composition is not required.  


The result: Your document rendered on a browser as it would appear if printed:

JES Report Broker browser image

Sample AFP courtesy of IBM AFP workbench

This conversion is available regardless of the delivery type used: Archive (web), FTP, Email, etc.