MacKinney Systems, Inc.

JES Report Broker is an entirely z/OS product. It is a started task that monitors the JES queues for output that matches user-specified criteria. No changes to JCL or procedures are required. When it finds matching output it delivers it in one of the following ways:

  1. WEB Archival - Into JRB's z/OS structure. 
  2. FTP - To any platform. Can create new directories. Customer has control over the filename created.
  3. EMAIL - Document can be attached or placed as the body of the Email.
  4. JES - Can create new output based upon the original to be placed on JES output queue.
  5. SEQ - Delivery into traditional z/OS datasets (sequential, GDG).

JRB includes a secure, internal web-server that can be used to view, print or download the archived documents. There is no need for an external web server.

JRB monitors the JES queues and automatically delivers reports as they appear on the queues.