MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 10/07/2010

1. Added PAGESORT. Ability to sort document pages based upon sort fields found in the document pages.
Pick any number of "fields" within a page to sort on. JRB will sort the document pages based on the field(s) while performing a document delivery. 
Example:  Sort a document to bring all the pages for a particular customer # together.

2. Added ability to insert text (plain and AFP) into a document as it is being delivered.
Can insert Plain text and AFP text into a document. Provides a range of possibilities from adding pages to inserting OMR (Optical Mark Recognition).
Example:  Insert OMR marks into a document that can be read by a postage sorter/stuffer to minimize postage costs.
3. Added ability to capture text fields on each page.Populate new substitution variable &TC(n).
Example: Capture a field on a page to be used as the email address to deliver the page. .

4. JRB can now Archive the following document types directly: 
Example:  You have a EXCEL file (comma delimited). You can now archive it directly into JRB for access by your customers via a browser. Also supports POSTSCRIPT and Printer Control Language documents.

5. Can now control the width and title of columns on the document directory webpage.
Customize your JRB web page document directory. You have always been able to pick the columns (Jobname, report name, date/time, formid  etc..) and the order in which they appear. Now you can specify the title of each column so it fits the needs of your user community. You can also set the width (in pels) of each column.

6. On history restore window you can now specify max/min/default days-to-retain.

Customize your JRB ARCHIVE web pages. When a user clicks on a history document to restore it they have always been presented with a window to specify how many days the document will remain before expiration. Now they are provided with a pulldown list of days.. the JRB administrator can specify the min/max days to retain that will be presented as well as the "default"  number of days.

7. All maintenance from JRB 3.1. Highlights:
    a) New webpage report directory column-  "NUMBER of PAGES"
    b) Can now select document from JES based on the "transaction JOBNAME"
    c) New substitution variable &JCLTITL. From TITLE JCL parm.