MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 09/23/1994

  • Added the ability to secure 'R' and 'RV' (ADHOC and ADHOC Viewer access from DPM menu) access via standard DPM security (AAU/APU screens).
  • Added batch job to change references from one vendor code to another (DPDBCVEN). i.e., You can use the program to change all vendor codes of 'CA' to 'MACK'.
  • Improved DPDBCIDX (reindexing utility) to simply the actions of the user when problems are discovered. Also provides more diagnostic information regarding file errors it can not fix.
  • Added optional signon screen for users who do not signon to CICS and do not wish to use termid as a user name under DPM.
  • General maintenance - included many DPM 2.0 applied fixes in this release.