MacKinney Systems, Inc.

What is DP Manager's Problem Report Administration system?

The Problem Report Administration system is one of the four components of DP Manager. It is a CICS-based system providing all aspects of problem reporting administration. With it you can input the details of the problem report, assign it to a person or persons, prioritize it, approve it, update it, print it, close it, and/or delete it. There are a number of different ways to search in order to find the problem report(s) you are looking for---by reported date, area, assigned to, status, location, and/or text strings within the title or description. 

Other information within the problem reports include numerous dates (reported, needed, occurred, last updated, and closed), the people involved (reported by, logged by, approved by, assigned to and resolved by), as well as vendor data, priority,  title and the detailed description. There are also batch reports that can be selected and sorted on various fields, a batch purge utility, and customizable reports using the included CICS ad hoc reporting system.