MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Resource items let you define primary and secondary Datasets, making it easier to facilitate batch processing without downtime and share your CSD across multiple regions. Resource grouping allows you to allocate or unallocate all of the resources in a group with a single command. Startup Manager lets you choose the resources and their initial status depending on the startup type, COLD (or INITIAL) and AUTO. Applid grouping allows you to target multiple regions with a single command. Dynamic run-time options allow you to automate decisions or require manual intervention. Let MacKinney Batch to CICS know what you want done and leave your batch-to-CICS communication troubles behind.

  1.  MBC uses EXCI (z/OS) or TCP/IP (VSE) interface for quick connections between batch and CICS
  2.  Interface with your external security manager for complete security of your resources
  3.  Support for unlimited CICS APPLIDs
  4.  APPLID Groups allow routing commands to up to 999 APPLIDs with a single command
  5.  Resource Groups allows unlimited file/transaction/program resources to be allocated or unallocated 
     with a single command using commands  ALOG and UNAG
  6.  Resource Items along with the Startup Manager give you complete control over the startup of your resources
  7.  Open and close CICS files with an optional verify on the close
  8.  Enable and disable CICS files, transactions, programs and TDQs
  9.  Allocate or unallocate CICS files
  10.  Allocate or unallocate TDQs (MVS only)
  11.  Change file attributes from update to read-only and back as required
  12.  Control RLS resources using QUIESCE and UNQUIESCE commands
  13.  MBC supports DL/I files
  14.  Start and stop the DB2 interface (MVS only)
  15.  Open and close CA-Datacom/DB databases
  16.  NEWCOPY or PHASEIN programs
  17.  Issue CEDA commands including INSTALL from batch
  18.  Initiate a CICS Shutdown (This command can be restricted or not allowed)
  19.  Link to programs passing an optional commarea
  20.  Start a transaction with optional parameters for termid, data length and data
  21.  A command User Exit allows you to block commands based on the Userid and the target CICS Applid
  22.  Command pre-processor User Exits in Batch and CICS allow you to send and process your own internal commands
  23.  IF/ELSE/ENDIF logic to allow conditional execution of commands
  24.  SET logic allows overriding return codes to alter your JOB flow
  25.  Dynamically override runtime options for an individual job step with OPTR command

MacKinney Batch to CICS 2.0 features