MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Resource grouping allows you to allocate or unallocate all of the resources in a group with a single command. Applid grouping allows you to target multiple regions with a single command. IF/ELSE/ENDIF and SET logic gives you operational control over command results. Dynamic run-time options allow you to automate decisions or require manual intervention. Let MacKinney Batch to CICS know what you want done and leave your batch-to-CICS communication troubles behind.

  • MBC uses an EXCI interface for quick connections between batch and CICS
  • Interface with your external security manager for complete security of your resources
  • IF/ELSE/ENDIF logic to allow conditional execution of commands
  • SET logic allows overriding return codes to alter your JOB flow
  • Support for unlimited CICS APPLIDs
  • APPLID Groups allow routing commands to up to 999 APPLIDs with a single command
  • Resource Groups allows unlimited file/transaction/program resources to be allocated or unallocated with a single command using commands (ALOG and UNAG)
  • Command pre-processor User Exits in Batch and CICS allow you to send and process your own internal commands
  • A command User Exit allows you to block commands based on the Userid and the target CICS Applid
  • Dynamically override runtime options for an individual job step with OPTR command
  • Open and close CICS files with an optional verify on the close
  • Allocate or unallocate CICS files
  • Allocate or unallocate TD Queues (MVS only)
  • Change file attributes from update to read-only and back as required
  • MBC supports DL/I files
  • Start and stop the DB2 interface (MVS only)
  • Open and close CA-Datacom/DB databases
  • NEWCOPY or PHASEIN programs
  • Initiate a CICS Shutdown (This command can be restricted or not allowed)
  • Link to programs passing an optional commarea
  • Start a transaction with optional parameters for termid, data length and data



MacKinney Batch to CICS