MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 01/05/2018

• Added support for new Startup Manager 
• Added support for new Resource Items including Startup Manager options
• Pushed optional Status Tracking from batch to CICS
• Added new file BATCSTS to support Status Tracking from within CICS
• Added new online Status Tracking administration programs
• New CEDACMD option to allow prevention of CEDA and CDAL commands
• New LNKL and STRL commands allow passing up to 320 bytes of data to LINK and START functions
• Optionally save LINK/LNKL and STAR/STRL commands for Status Tracking with new ‘$’ parm
• New STSR and STSG commands to support synchronizing status updates performed outside of MBC
• Added new link interface to allow applications to send commands to the Online Command Processor
• MBCBCUTL now allows INIT function for all Installation Options
• Added DSN edit for RLS commands
• Added STAR MBCP option to launch applications requiring RECEIVE data
• New ERRWARN option to allow optional RC value for warning conditions
• New TRKNONFI option to optionally allow tracking programs, transactions and TDQs