MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 02/21/2018

• Added a PDS member name in the JQPCNTL data set containing JQP commands to execute at startup.
• New feature added the Initial Status (ISTATUS) field to the JQP destination definitions.
• Setup modules from JQP v2.2 to v3.3 do not require assemble under the current release.
• Added “Retrieve” for previous command.
• Entering the FIND command immediately after the JQPCFIND01 string is not found message, re-starts the command from the top of the display.
• Added option to change or delete the JQP “Print Transform Member” records using the JQP CHANGE or DELETE line commands.
• Added option to dynamically create the Export Definitions PDS.
• Added option for SMTP Authentication.
• RACF call to verify the user on a separate TCB option added to prevent JQP from hanging when RACF waits on an operator reply.
• Added a secondary MacKinney Print Transform (MPT) port number. This allows JQP to redirect the print transform to a secondary MPT running on the same TCP/IP stack.
• Added third and fourth parameters to the RIPPLE command to specify the AFP PAGEDEF and FORMDEF values.  Fifth parameter added to the RIPPLE command to specify the number of ripple pages to print.
• New Postscript setup modules PSL2STD, PSP1STD and PSP2STD.
• Added the RETAIN STATE option (ACTIVE or HOLD) to the destination DISP and REQUEUE parameters.