MacKinney Systems, Inc.

"While upgrading to a new IBM 2066-001 mainframe, Pekin Insurance wanted to also modernize the connectivity configuration of their Solimar Print/Director system by changing the communication protocol from BUS/TAG to TCP/IP. In order to maintain data integrity using TCP/IP transfer, Pekin selected JES Queue for Printers (JQP) from MacKinney Systems. JES Queue for Printers transfers reports directly from the Pekin's mainframe JES queue to Solimar Print/Director and is able to append header information to each job and maintain proper carriage control codes for each print line. In addition to facilitating TCP/IP connectivity, JES Queue for Printers enabled Pekin to realize faster transfer rates and increased throughput compared to the previously configured BUS/TAG connection."
• Floyd Reed, Pekin Insurance


JES Queue for Printers addressed an immediate need to route print from JES2 to IP attached printers and saved over $100,000 in alternative hardware or software solutions. The trial and implementation of JQP was successful due to the quality support received from the Technical support staff at MacKinney Systems."
 • Cynthia Davis, J.B. Hunt


"The MacKinney staff is quick to answer any questions I have with JES Queue for Printers (or any other MacKinney product for that matter). They work fast to diagnose and solve problems."
 • Michael J. Giglio, Tech Support Analyst, El Paso Electric


"We are migrating from a VSE environment to OS/390. We use the capabilities of the VSE TCP/IP to print to network printers. We use another product to print to our VTAM Printers. JES Queue for Printers solved the problem of printing to both Network TCP/IP and VTAM printers. It was straight forward to install and implement. I had it up and running in approximately 4 hours. There were no changes to the MVS or JES2 environment.

Adding a DEST to a /*Route or //OUTPUT was all that was necessary to begin printing to the JQP printers.

The dynamic capabilities make it very flexible for adding/changing printers. As with any MacKinney product, it was very cost effective."
 • Ron Patterson, North Carolina Department State Treasurer•