MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 04/10/2015

  • Ability to specify the JQP license information (password) in the PDS source member $INIT.
  • JQP destination name added to the SMF type-6 record.
  • Ability to trace the SMF Type-6 records written.
  • Option to place the destination in an EDRAIN status in the event of a SAPI logic error FAIL-15.
  • SYSID field added to the LPD Control File Group Table JQPFDFCF.
  • Option to bypass JQPFDFCF LPD Control File field truncation.
  • New exit JQPFEX03 to insert lines or data before the JQP setup module.
  • New exit JQPFEX04 to modify the JQP destination record before printing starts.
  • Option to send the JQPLOG to the printer in the event a MacKinney Print Transform (MPT) fails.
  • Option to scan AFP page mode reports for mixed mode
  • Load module routine verifies the module's RENT/REUS attribute. If the module does not have the RENT/REUS attributes, continue to load the module and issue a warning message JQPRLDPH08.
  • Option to pass the FCB image to the JQP separator exit.
  • Option to use temporary data sets for the LPD work files.
  • SHOW command display (excluding buffer allocations) included within the printer tracing information.
  • Console message JQPROCWR01 is displayed first for multiple line messages not starting with the message ID JQP.
  • MacKinney Systems products JES Report Broker, VTAM Virtual Printer and MainFormIT and various other vendor products create reports identified with an alternate Job Name and/or Job ID identification.  The alternate identification comes from the original reports these products process as input.  JQP will display the alternate identification when available.