MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 11/10/2010

  • Creates the new SMF type-6 record statistical program.
  • Added new command to display the MacKinney Print Transform (MPT) Transform Work Queue.
  • Added option for the initial JQP definition screen to be in "Display Mode" to prevent accidental update. The new JQP UPDATE command must be used toggle between "Update Mode" and "Display Mode".
  • Added option for processing reports with multiple copies.  Currently, JQP prints all copies of a dataset within a report before printing the next dataset in the report.  Using the new option, JQP prints all datasets within the report in a separate pass for each copy.  Printer setup codes (if available) are sent before each copy printed.  Separator pages (if requested) are printed for each copy.
  • Added exit JQPFEX01 program to add DJDE statements before each printed dataset of the report.
  • Added option to place the destination in an EDRAINED status when a printing error occurs.
  • Moved the JQP internal task work area and JES I/O buffers above the line reducing the private space requirements to help prevent S878 ABENDs.
  • Added repeat FIND command to Paging screens.
  • Automatic Restart Manager (ARM) facility was added.
  • Added a Line Command to the "Display Print Work Queue" screen JQPFDIPQ allowing the destination or printer entry to be edited.
  • Multiple line console command responses changed to MLWTO to keep all the lines together on the console and in the SYSLOG. Single line console command responses can now be assigned a routing code 1 to 16.
  • Option to write the JQP command output to the JQPLOG when JQP commands are issued from the console.
  • Option to assign a group name to the printer entry allowing all printers within a group to be processed at one time.
  • Option to control the method (RACF or JQPFDFPX table) used to determine the printers the user will have access to has been added.
  • Added the feature to Export/Import JQP definitions between same JQP release regions.
  • Added support for Printer Job Language (PJL).
  • Added option to increase the I/O buffer size for TCP/IP printers.