MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 01/31/2002

  • Removes the requirement for the MacKinney Systems products Virtual Connect Communications Manager (VCO) and JES Queue Interface Server (JQI). The IBM provided SAPI interface communicates with the JES system. The SAPI interface provides two major benefits, speed and performance. There is no longer a delay between the time the report is placed in the JES queue and when JQP selects it for printing. Retrieval of the report from the JES queue is much faster and requires less CPU cycles.
  • Added optional feature to write SMF type-6 records.
  • Added new option to RESTART a report from any line in the report.
  • JQP buffer pools are now expanded automatically
  • Added optional feature to HOLD the printed dataset instead of deleting.
  • Select reports by class at the destination level.
  • Added ability to segment the JQPLOG.
  • Added feature to assign a priority to the printer.
  • Added optional feature to NOT activate the printer at JQP startup time.
  • Added feature to display the printer statistics (total lines, pages, DSIDs and jobs) since JQP has been started.
  • Added parameter to the START printer command to only start TCP/IP or VTAM type printers.