MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 11/11/2003

  • Allows the JQPLOG and JQPSUB DD(s) to allocate in the started task or job JCL has been added. Reference the Control Table parameter DYNLOGS.
  • Includes information from the JES OUTPUT card on the report's separator page.
  • Adds support for generic printer entries in the Printer Group Table JQPFDFPX has been added.
  • Adds alternate separator page format.
  • Adds option to change the Forms Feed and Line Feed sequence for the printer. Reference the printer parameter "Form Feed Seq.".
  • Adds option to assign a printer group to dynamic users. Reference the Control Table parameter PRTGRP.
  • Adds support for PCL codes within the print data.
  • Adds command to display printing statistics. Reference the STATS command.
  • Adds SDSF-like feature to BACKWARD and FORWARD commands to provide for maximum and half paging. Reference the BACKWARD and FORWARD commands.
  • Adds option to send different setup codes for the separator pages, report text or for each printed page. Provides basic forms overlay like green bar. Reference the Printer Setup Codes.
  • Adds option to print the JQPFILE definitions. Reference JQPFILE Listing Utility.
  • Adds option to print a separator page for each dataset within the report. Reference the destination parameter "Separator Page".
  • Adds another raw processing option for Solimar Systems, Inc. type printers. Reference the destination RAW or "Raw" parameter.
  • Adds option to select which JES field is used for setup module. Reference the Control Table parameter SETSEL.