MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 10/09/2007

  • Added a system default for the TCP/IP printer IWAIT parameter.
  • Added file maintenance feature.  Change or delete destination, printer, terminal or user records through the JQP command line.  Execute any JQP commands in a source member through JQP command line.
  • Added report disposition feature to retain the reports in the JES Output queue by changing the report's writer name, class, destination and/or form.
  • Option added to only allow reports with selected owner ID(s) to be printed on the printer. Reports selected for printing without the correct owner ID will be placed on hold.
  • Adds the new JQP destination option RAW=YS8.  RAW=YS8 will bypass carriage control processing.
  • Added a new line routine "05" to truncate trailing spaces.
  • Added a new line routine "06" to inverse the print line and not truncate the print line.
  • Added a new line routine "07" to translate Machine Carriage Control (MCC) to ANSI Carriage Control (ASA).
  • Combined the JQPSUB log with the JQPLOG.
  • Reduced the JQPFDFCT buffer customization.
  • Captures the JQPLOG messages to be displayed with "Displayed Print Work Queue" function.
  • Added audit logging of JQP definition changes.
  • Added the ability to display, add or delete JES queue entries for JQP printers. 
  • Added the option to re-queue the report the line limit is exceeded.
  • Option added to the STOP command to FORCE the printer to stop immediately.