MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 04/21/2008

  • Option added to produce a fixed block file for reports printed to a dataset. Reference Destination parameter "RAW".
  • Option added to print reports to a Generation Dataset (GDG). Reference Destination parameter "Option Flag(s)".
  • The JQPSTAT OUTPUT statement was added for the JQP STATS command.
  • Option added to use same socket to print all dataset within a report, when each dataset is printed as a separate report.  Reference Printer parameter "Switch(s)".
  • Added support for mixed case passwords. Reference Control Table parameter "SECURE".
  • Email notification for printing success, failure, re-queuing, and intervention required.  Reference Control Table parameter "NOTIFY" and Printer parameter "Email Notify".
  • Added support to email the JQPLOG and/or JQP trace to MacKinney Systems technical support.
  • Dynamic allocation text units are written to the JQPLOG with dynamic allocation fails.
  • The JQP trace will write the printer and destination record definitions to the JQPLOG.
  • PING command was added to verify TCP/IP connectivity to the printer. Reference the PING command.
  • The JQP SHOW command will display more information about the product passwords.
  • Option added to prevent printers from starting with ISTATUS=ACTIVE specified.  Reference the Control table parameter INIT.
  • Added the OUTPUT GROUP ID variable to the LPD control file.