MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Examples of a reorganization criteria screen and part of a File Reorganization List report:

Supplied sample default reorganization criteria (used for files without more specific criteria) follows:


Following is an example of a File Reorganization List report. This report lists files exceeding your reorganization criteria thresholds (and optionally exceeded threshold(s)). 


Note:  In the above report, the reason(s) for file selection (i.e. the criteria exceeded) are listed below the file name. In this report, most are due to criteria being exceeded for the CURRENT statistics, so just that line shows. But, MACS.T510.LOGBFIL.DATA exceeded the record INCREASE threshold of 20% (for the past X days), so both the current statistics and how the file looked X days ago (the 06-11-13 line) show.

Even though the main purpose of program VAAPREOR is to produce a list of files needing reorganization, it is also used to produce Adhoc-style reports to check for file increases over the past X days. For example, supplied sample job VAAJREOA prints a list of files with more than 15 CA splits in the past week.