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Examples of some of VSAM AdminAid's screens:

Any of the fields in the VAA VSAM History file can be used in the FILTER to restrict the output. Some of the most useful filter fields include DSN, volume, create date, CI/CA splits, extents, allocated tracks, record counts (5), EXCPs, index levels, updated date, percent full, percent free space, unused tracks, days since last reorg and the reorg flags.

For example, the following filter lists all the files with more than 50 CA splits, more than 25 extents and less than 10 percent FREESPC:

VSAM AdminAid filter lists

(The resulting list of datasets matching the filter is not shown on this web page.)

The following panel shows the results of selecting one dataset from the list, with one line for each date/time when statistics were written for this dataset.  An S on any line drills down and shows all the statistics for that date/time and an R displays the z/OS Reorg JCL in an ISPF Edit panel. (When the JCL location is unknown to VAA, a screen to assign a reorg JCL location displays.)

VSAM AdminAid browse DSName

The following dataset list was produced with FILTER Reorg Status = Y, showing all files needing reorganization based on selected criteria:

VSAM AdminAid Browse History File

In z/OS an R beside one dataset sends VAA into edit on that file's Reorg JCL as follows:

VSAM AdminAid Reorg JCL