MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 02/28/2014

  • Added the current statistics for VSAM files when that line is Selected or Compared in ISPF.
  • Made the following enhancements for multiple-volume VSAM files:

Changed Extents and Tracks Allocated to be the total extents or tracks allocated for ALL of a file's volumes, instead of just for its first volume. 
Increased the maximum volumes per file kept on the History file from 20 to the z/OS maximum of 59.
Added Tracks Allocated per volume for each VSAM file.
Added the total number of volumes per file to the Browse VSAM detail panel.

  • Added the following new fields for VSAM files to all areas of VSAM AdminAid (Browse History, Filter selection, and Adhoc Report Writer):

CA-Reclaim, Speed/Recovery, Record Level Sharing fields RLS Log, RLS VSAM Quiesced, RLS in Use.

  • Added Tracks Allocated, Unused Tracks and Index Levels to the VAA CSI (job VAAJCSI, program VAAPCSI).
  • Added new field DSN-LAST-QUALIFIER to the Adhoc Report Writer. This is the cluster's rightmost/low-level qualifier.
  • Various other minor fixes, improvements and enhancements.