MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Indentify OS/VS COBOL programs

VS/Cobol Analyzer examines program libraries and identifies OS/VS COBOL programs. If you would like to migrate to CICS TS V3, V4 or V5 but aren't sure how many OS/VS COBOL programs you are running, our VS/Cobol Analyzer may be just what you need. The CICS component runs in your current release of CICS and checks each program as it is loaded to let you know what is executing. And the batch component will cross-reference your DFHCSD entries with your DFHRPL libraries to let you know what OS/VS COBOL programs could possibly run.

You can use VS/Cobol Analyzer to help answer questions like "How many OS/VS COBOL programs do we have?", " Would it be less expensive to convert our programs manually or run MacKinney's VS/Cobol Interpreter?", and "How soon can we migrate to a supported release of CICS TS?" To keep your costs to a minimum, VS/Cobol Analyzer is available for monthly licensing and is priced by machine capacity. Call 417 882-8012 for more information.