MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Dumps Immediately Available for Analysis
As the Dump Detective dump collection file is available on-line, dumps that occur appear immediately and may be selected for analysis straight away rather than having to wait for an off-line procedure to be performed.

Improved Dump Analysis
The use of source and link data to pinpoint the current statement and variables at the time the dump was taken makes it easier to determine what was happening at the time of the dump. The subsequent ability to review all program variables and details of any program in the link path aids the detection of the causes of the problem.

Faster Problem Resolution
With Dump Detective highlighting the point of failure and providing diagnostic information at that point, the causes of the error can be determined much quicker than by conventional means enabling the failing program to be corrected more rapidly.

Reduced Dump Storage
Because Dump Detective can be directed to eliminate duplicate dumps, multiple copies of problems with the same symptoms are not stored reducing the amount of data stored in those situations.