MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 10/19/2023


1) Fix 2211: DEQ was not always being performed for APPLGRP 
   Corrected TRACE formatting for "PRE DPL REQ"
2) Fix 2210: FLIST Support for ALOQ/UNAQ was missing
   Better handling for NO Cmds to process in MBCPPLQ for CSCQ
   NOHANDLE missing in PLT programs for READ OPTIONS 
   Additional batch support for SRGTCK option
   ENQ flag not being reset after DEQ in MBCPRSET  
3) Fix 2209: MBC/FA added State suspend (OPE/ENA)
   Broke out Suspend Logic to new program CF@PREL
   Removed extraneous <IGN message for MBC/FA File NOTFND
   Enforce ETB min value and new 80% MXT as max value        
   Prevent MBCPOPT S0C7 when <3 digit value entered 
4) Fix 2208: Corrected handling of MBC/FA File NOTFND for 
   @APPLGRP (shared or non-shared)