MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 08/06/2020

Summary of Changes:

New Startup Commands feature: process MBC commands during CICS startup
New USER= parm on STRL command to Start transacation with USERID
New CLOD and CLDG commands to force disable file option on close regardless of CLODIS setting
New batch utility MBCBSTAT to support defining, listing and deleting BATSTAT records
New batch utility MBCBCSTS to print and delete BATCSTS records
New STSD command to delete Resource Items from BATCSTS file
New value ‘F’ for APPLSTS option to flush commands but still add commands to BATSTAT
New ERRDRLS installation option to allow setting separate RC value when using @RLS1GRP header
New USEPCH card option for batch utility programs to automate creation of DEF cards on LST output
New user exit, MBCBWTOX for MBCBATCH WTO messages
New commands RLQY/RPQY/RSQY/GLQY/GPQY/GSQY change Quiesced RLS resources to read-only
New commands RLUP/RPUP/RSUP/GLUP/GPUP/GSUP change Unquiesced RLS resources to update
New commands RPSQ/RPSU/GPSQ/GPSU to Quiesce/Unquiesce Primary RLS DSN
New commands RSSQ/RSSU/GSSQ/GSSU to Quiesce/Unquiesce Secondary RLS DSN
Status Tracking and command support for new TCPIP services Resource Item type
New Query options for TCPIPSERVICE, DOCTEMPLATE, URIMAP (z/OS only)