MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 09/21/2018

  • Support Shared Resource Items
  • Support multiple CSTS cards in MBCBCPRE
  • Add ADDITM, UPDGRP commands for MBCBRGRP
  • Add new SCOPE parm on DEFGRP in MBCBRGRP
  • Support SCOPE for Shared Group Items
  • Split out RLS support to new program MBCPRLS
  • Add additional Group messages
  • Corrected scrolling when using filters returning > 16 records in MBCPGPM
  • Add new commands RPQY/RSQY/RPUP/RSUP/GPQY/GSQY/GPUP/GSUP for RLS Resource Items
  • Add new commands GSSQ/GSSU to QUIESCE/UNQUIESCE Secondary DSN in Resource Groups