MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 09/24/2014

  • Added new warning message when preparing the BATCNTL for administrative use
  • Added support for multiple administrators in a region at the same time
  • Added IPV6 support for IP version
  • Added Single Execution Userid support for IP version to route all commands through a single userid
  • Added new CEDA and CDAL commands to utilize the CEDA API from a batch job
  • Added new parm  "?"  to hide errors for PHAS and NEWC commands so command can be sent to all regions even when a program is not installed without incurring an error
  • Added installation option LOGXDD in support of an optional SYSLSTX DD (z/OS) or ASSGN (VSE) to separate extended data returned by CEDA, CDAL, QRYL, QRYS and CEMT commands
  • Added new user exit MBCBLXGX to allow user control of data written to the extended data log
  • Added installation option EMTMSGS in support of returning extended data output for all CEMT commands or only CEMT INQUIRE commands
  • Enhanced CEMT command support to return extended status and error messages
  • Added support of TDQ resources in Resource Groups
  • Many more minor changes and fixes