MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 08/03/2010

  • Support for dynamic modification of BATCNTL file to updatable added for administration (MBCA).
  • Added new transaction MBCB for read-only access to administration panels.
  • Support for automatic writing of SAPL record added in shutdown PLT to aid in detecting CICS Down condition.
  • Added LIST OPTS report to MBCBCUTL.
  • Added INIT OPTS ENQXS and INIT OPTS DOMSEC options to MBCBCUTL to aid in CEMT From Batch migration allowing these new key installation options to be initialized from batch.
  • Re-organized manual to include multiple installation paths.
  • Updated manual to better address Security and Installation questions.
  • Intercept DTIMOUT abends for EXCI listener and log message instead of DUMP.
  • Continued stability improvements.