MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 01/14/2010

  • Support for RLS commands RLSQ (QUIESCE) and RLSU (UNQUIESCE)
  • Support for RLS1GRP to assist in RLS broadcast (first active Applid in group is used as target)
  • Support for Domain Applids to assist in securing target CICS regions within the domain of a BATCNTL file 
  • New DOMSEC option added to allow choosing optional Applid access security using Domain Applids
  • Fast path tranid MBCD added for administering Domain Applids
  • Added MBCBDOM batch utility for maintaining Domain Applid records via batch
  • New VSE TCP/IP version added to lift restriction of target being in same CPU image (VSE only)
  • IP Port and Address added to Domain Applid records to identifying target IP Address (VSE only)
  • New DPWD function added to MBCBCUTL to allow batch delete of product Password 
  • Improved handling of VSAM errors in batch utilities
  • Added new ERRSTS option to support return code from BATSTAT errors 
  • Improved security and error recovery for Status Tracking Reset function
  • Support for alternate DSNAME added to Status Tracking
  • Improved stability (over 70 fixes applied)
  • Many more changes