MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 11/14/2005

  1. Uses EXCI interface for quicker connection to CICS
  2. Supports security with an ESM such as RACF
  3. Reduced contention with redesigned Status Tracking
  4. Programs and transaction support added to Status Tracking
  5. Added IF/ELSE/ENDIF command logic
  6. Added SET logic to allow overriding the return codes
  7. Send commands to unlimited APPLIDs (old limit was 99)
  8. Added APPLID Groups for command routing to up to 999 APPLIDS
  9. Send commands to unlimited APPLIDs (old limit was 99)
  10. Added Resource Groups for unlimited resource allocation and unallocation of files/tranids/programs
  11. Provided several user exits for adding custom command support as well as message handling
  12. Removed column dependency on the most common commands
  13. Added OPTR command (override options for job step)
  14. Added CLOV command (open a file which forces a VSAM VERIFY before issuing a close
  15. Added seconds option to WAIT command
  16. Added sample COBOL user exits
  17. Fixed bug in MBCPGPM when all items deleted
  18. Added additional file options for Res Group (CLOG, OPEG, etc)