MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 04/08/2002

  • Added option to limit signon to one per CICS. Default is multiple signon's per CICS.
  • Added option to send Good Morning Message after signoff.
  • Added option to control whether or not users can change their passwords.
  • Added minimum length value for passwords.
  • Added an interface for MacKinney Systems' CICS/Menu II .
  • Added a migration facility to aid in the conversion from other security including the VSE I.U.I and "home grown" packages.
  • Added RACF (or other external security) coexistence feature. CESN will signon to both CICS/Signon and RACF.
  • Added logic to suspend profile after 'n' invalid attempts.
  • Added batch utility program to list users, transactions, and terminals.
  • Added support for modifying the product password via a stand-alone transaction.