MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 01/16/2007

  • Added new global option for variable MSGLOG TDQ (default is CSMT)
  • Added new global options for password rules to require Alpha, Numeric, Special Character combinations
  • Added new global option to allow logging of invalid signon (bad password) attempts
  • Added new optional user profile overrides for new password rules and password length
  • Added new VFYSEC API function to allow security authorization check using passed TRANID and USERID
  • Added new sample program (SNTPUSX) to expire passwords to assist in enforcing new password rules.
  • Added new XREF report option (USRK) to cross reference a USER with non-TRANKEY 1 transactions
  • Added new PASS function on batch utility to allow updating product password from batch
  • Added support for CICS TS 3.2