MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 01/20/2016

  • Added the display of Security Keys to profile directory screens
  •  Added Applid and current region SNTFIL$ DSN to administration screens
  • Added batch utilities SNTBTRM, SNTBTRN, SNTBUPG and SNTBUSR to allow batch update of TERM, TRAN, Utility and USER profiles by authorized users
  • Modified batch utility SNTBUTL to support commands UPDPWD, LSTPWD and DELPWD to allow batch update, list, and delete of the product password(s) by authorized users and removed USERDEL, UNAMDEL, TERMDEL, TRANDEL and PASS commands whose functions were replaced by new utilities
  • Added SIGNON Table Administration with map (SNTMTBD) and program (SNTPTBD) to allow remote SignOff and Refresh of  signed on users
  • Replaced Inquire and Signoff  terminal options on the Administration menu with new SIGNON Table Administration option
  • Made z/OS Transaction Security exit SNTPXTS threadsafe
  • User Profile Last Accessed date is now updated for a signon match of NETTERM value