MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 03/03/2015

IBM PTF UA75973 (available 3-3-2015) is needed to prevent an abend in JSF purge job JSFDPURG in z/OS 2.1, if your JSF job history file is a PDSE.

UA75973 prevents multiple S0C4 and S0E0 and one SC03 abend when a JSF job history PDSE is closed by job JSFDPURG in z/OS 2.1.

Note that these abends do not occur in the other JSF purge job (JSFDPRG2), nor in z/OS 1.13 or below, nor in z/OS 2.1 in job JSFDPURG if your JSF job history file is a PDS.

(The associated IBM APAR is OA46686, which has more information on this z/OS 2.1 PDSE abend.)