MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 04/14/1993

  • A new utility was added to allow you to tell JSF what dataset and volume purged output resides on after you have manually merged (or moved) purged output file(s) or utilized a tape stacking package that changed a DSNAME and/or VOLSER or otherwise affected a purge dataset name. See Section 8.3 - Updating the VSAM History File.
  • Restore JCL was moved into a PROC (from program JSFI0315) to facilitate sites with pre-JSF 3.3 purged output that might be restored into the JSF 3.3 (and above) database.3.
  • An error in the security table macro expansion was corrected. This correction affected only those users who had specified jobnames less than 8 characters in length or userids less than 7 characters in length.
  • A user exit, JSFB0031, was added to allow more user control over the purge process. See Section 8.1, job JSFDPURG and/or JSFDPRG2.